In the beginning…

I have tried two times to start a blog, but I fail because I lack consistency.  Perhaps on a deeper level I have lacked a purpose.  There are myriad bloggers out there writing about myriad topics from recipes to books.  I even stumbled across a blog written by a man who fancied himself to be the Marquis de Sade.  His blog was a record of his exploits and encounters, shall I say.  This is not my purpose, and, thank God, I have discovered a purpose to write…finally.

My intention is to tell the truth about certain experiences through which I have come in hopes that it may land somewhere.  On the doorstep of a wounded soul in search of hope perhaps? I am not the Messiah, and I do not have a Messiah complex.  I have, however, come through many terrible circumstances, and by the grace of God, I am not only alive but seemingly whole.  I cannot provide all the answers, but I can tell my story.  I can point to signposts, mile markers along the road if you will, that can lead another to a place of rest and restoration.  Healing for the abused, broken, and battered is more than a dream; it is a real possibility, but it comes with a high price.  Let us not make that sojourn alone.  Let us walk this road together.