The Least of These…

When you are giving your gifts this year, please consider these women and children:

Girls involved in the sex trade somewhere in the world

An estimated 2 million children are enslaved and abused in the global commercial sex trade — most of them girls. Many children are sold into prostitution to pay off family debts or forcibly recruited from the street to work in brothels.

Girls who escape or are rescued face a difficult physical and emotional recovery process. “I wanted to run away, but I had nothing, and my family was too far away,” remembers 15-year-old Sophea*. “Life was unbearable … worst were the beatings if I said ‘no.’”

You can help girls like Sophea recover from exploitation. The World Vision center was the first place in a long time where she felt safe. “I feel good here,” she says. “I feel secure, nobody hurts me. I can learn to read and write properly for the first time.” (from World Vision)

*World Vision is committed to the highest standards of child protection and does not publish names or identifiable photos of exploited children without express permission.

I could have been one of these women.  I was a victim of human trafficking, but I escaped.  I gain nothing by suggesting that you ponder donating to the Maximum Impact Fund.  For $35, however, you can make a donation in someone’s name, a friend’s, a family member’s, an organization’s, and a card will be mailed to them.  This money goes directly to helping these girls who are enslaved in the sex trade.  Those who are rescued are provided with safe shelter, medical care, food, vocational training, and where possible, reintegration with a loving family.  If you are looking to make a more meaningful holiday gift this year, then here is an option.

For more information, you can go here.



2 Comments on “The Least of These…

  1. pressing the “like button” for this seems a little inappropriate. project rescue is another great organization, which our church supports. thank you for bringing up this topic. it is an urgent need around the world as well as in the u.s. i have been informed that the super bowl is the number one occasion for making such transactions! how appalling, but how believable!
    peace to you and thanks for sharing.

    • The Superbowl?! I’ve never heard that. That’s incredible to me. I am immensely pleased that your church supports an organization committed to eradicating sexual slavery.

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