For Further Flourishing

I nearly dropped my cup of coffee this morning when I saw the Rainer Höss had commented on yesterday’s post.  I choked out a loud, “Holy crap!”  As it turns out, Rainer has a website and Twitter account, and he, too, has written a book.  So, I thought I might put together a list of all the books I mentioned in yesterday’s post as well as the authors’ social media in case anyone might be interested in reading or following them.  I am still trying to figure out if Rainer’s book has been translated into English yet, but his website is translated into English and very nicely done; his Twitter feed is in English as well.  Please do go check it out.

I didn’t mention Niklas Frank in yesterday’s post simply because I didn’t want the post to become too long, but he has written a few books.  He is also a public speaker.  He speaks to youth throughout Germany from what I can tell.  There is, however, an amazing scene in the film between Frank and his daughter.  It is not to be missed.  If there are any of you who have made sacrifices in the way of cutting off family members in order to create a different life for your children, then you will want to watch this film simply to hear what Frank’s daughter says to him.  It is moving and redemptive.

It is important for people in recovery of all kinds to look at the lives of others who come from difficulty but live successfully.  How have they done it? How do they flourish in spite of the fact that their beginnings were not ideal or possibly even extreme? Reading one another’s stories can inspire us to continue to put one foot in front of the other even on the hard days.  It also pulls us out of our own self-involved orbits.

We need each other.

Let me know what you think of the suggested media if you read or watch them.  If you speak German, you’re gold!

3 Comments on “For Further Flourishing

  1. about your question, if the book will be puplish in english. Yes it will, at the moment we find an american or english Puplisher who will do it. Maybe you all are able to help to get a good Puplisher…that will be amazing. It is not so easy to get one…klick on my picture beside the like Button, for more informations. And the website was create from my girlfriend Amanda ( , who waits that i arrive at Nevada very soon..
    Thanks for help,

    • Rainer, I actually do know some people. I’ll ask around. Is your email address on your website or on your WordPress gravatar page? Perhaps your girlfriend’s website? Best, MJ

    • Thanks, Rainer, for all the good information. I contacted you on your book’s website with information regarding a contact I have in the publishing world. I wasn’t sure how to go about it in a less public way. If you can’t check that easily, then email my public gmail at, and I can put you in contact with some well-connected people who might really like your project. Have a fabulous time in Nevada! It must be warmer there than in Germany right now.

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