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Therapy Tuesday: Rewriting History

Tuesday’s therapy session was excellent.  In fact, it was so good that it is worth sharing.  I have been trying to document the therapeutic process in an effort to depict how the process works so that those who are afraid of entering in will… Continue Reading “Therapy Tuesday: Rewriting History”

A Star Is Born

This isn’t an equipping post or an inspirational post.  It’s just me, remembering something.  Most of the time I simply sweep the past behind me because most of it has been so thoroughly examined and consecrated that it no longer has a sting.  But… Continue Reading “A Star Is Born”

For Further Flourishing

I nearly dropped my cup of coffee this morning when I saw the Rainer Höss had commented on yesterday’s post.  I choked out a loud, “Holy crap!”  As it turns out, Rainer has a website and Twitter account, and he, too, has written a… Continue Reading “For Further Flourishing”

Learning from Hitler’s Children

I watched the documentary “Hitler’s Children” last night.  The filmmakers found the direct descendants of Rudolph Höss, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, Hans Frank, and Amon Goeth in order to find out how they cope with carrying the surname and legacy of such notorious and… Continue Reading “Learning from Hitler’s Children”