Endings and Beginnings

Playwright and actor Sam Shepard died on Thursday from ALS.  I grew up reading his plays, acting in one or two of them, and watching him give blood and bone to otherwise cut-out characters.  Sam Shepard was quoted in The Paris Review sharing his experiences with trying to create endings in his writing process:


“The most authentic endings are the ones which are already revolving towards another beginning.”  


That gets me.  Right in my gut.  And, it makes me smile.  Yeah.  Endings don’t necessarily mean that everything is over.  We aren’t stalling out.  We aren’t dying.  Our dreams aren’t going down in flames.  Things are…revolving towards another beginning, as he said.

That is genius, and, to me, this is exactly how you have to approach life particularly when you are facing difficult choices and pain.  Sometimes certain things do need to end.  Some things do need to be left behind in order for our lives to evolve and revolve towards a new beginning–a new trajectory.

It’s a thought.  A good thought.  An invitation to a different way of processing circumstances and narratives.

Go in peace, Mr. Shepard.

ברוך דיין האמת / Baruch dayan ha-emet


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