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Comic Relief

Life has a way of hitting the Reset button, and I must admit that I appreciate that.  And, honestly, this Reset is too good not to share. One might perceive that I am all Doom and Gloom what with writing a blog like this,… Continue Reading “Comic Relief”

Being Julius Caesar

Did everyone make it through the Ides of March intact? When I was in high school, I was the only student in the history of my school to study Latin 3 or 4.  Nowadays, schools would delete the offering, but I guess the school… Continue Reading “Being Julius Caesar”

Beware the Sugar Train

A new grocery store opened just a few miles from my house, and, let me tell you, it feels like God designed this store just for me.  It has a huge produce section.  HUGE.  I felt rather like this when I stood in the… Continue Reading “Beware the Sugar Train”

An Honest Question

I’m leaving for the West coast today.  I’m taking three of my daughters with me.  I would say that I’m excited, but I have to get through the TSA checkpoint before I even indulge in latent feelings of glee. Last year, when we matched… Continue Reading “An Honest Question”

Having a Good Time in Hell

I had final exams this week.  With the same teacher.  How I ended up taking three classes with this man I can’t quite figure out.  Serendipity, I guess.  He was a doctor with a reputation, too.  Other students would hear his name and cringe–“Oh,… Continue Reading “Having a Good Time in Hell”

A Gastronomic Warning

Firstly, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It can be a difficult holiday for people with complicated family circumstances. Secondly, I offer a warning.  Take heed.  Day-old ham smells like the business end of Holstein.  How do I know this? Well, my… Continue Reading “A Gastronomic Warning”

And The Award Goes To…

I used to have another blog, but it has gone to bloggy heaven.  It wasn’t a sex blog per se.  I talked about sex in the context of healing after trauma or long-term abuse.  I really liked that blog.  I loved writing it.  When… Continue Reading “And The Award Goes To…”