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Comic Relief

Life has a way of hitting the Reset button, and I must admit that I appreciate that.  And, honestly, this Reset is too good not to share. One might perceive that I am all Doom and Gloom what with writing a blog like this,… Continue Reading “Comic Relief”

Being Julius Caesar

Did everyone make it through the Ides of March intact? When I was in high school, I was the only student in the history of my school to study Latin 3 or 4.  Nowadays, schools would delete the offering, but I guess the school… Continue Reading “Being Julius Caesar”

Beware the Sugar Train

A new grocery store opened just a few miles from my house, and, let me tell you, it feels like God designed this store just for me.  It has a huge produce section.  HUGE.  I felt rather like this when I stood in the… Continue Reading “Beware the Sugar Train”

The Great California Shenanigan

I returned from my two-week romp through Northern California Monday night with my three hyper-sensitive daughters in tow.  My phrasing might make it sound like I have ten daughters seven of whom have little to no requirement of my presence.  Well, that’s not true.… Continue Reading “The Great California Shenanigan”

An Honest Question

I’m leaving for the West coast today.  I’m taking three of my daughters with me.  I would say that I’m excited, but I have to get through the TSA checkpoint before I even indulge in latent feelings of glee. Last year, when we matched… Continue Reading “An Honest Question”

A Gastronomic Warning

Firstly, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It can be a difficult holiday for people with complicated family circumstances. Secondly, I offer a warning.  Take heed.  Day-old ham smells like the business end of Holstein.  How do I know this? Well, my… Continue Reading “A Gastronomic Warning”