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Third-Party Credibility

Tuesday is therapy day for me.  I’m supposed to have a fifty minute session.  I had a two-hour session.  In fact, my prior sessions were about ninety minutes each.  My therapist just lets them go on and on.  He then looks at the clock… Continue Reading “Third-Party Credibility”

Cleaning Up Messes

My youngest daughter asked me an unusual question today.  She asked, “Mom, how come you turned out so normal?” We were in the car, and her question came out of the blue.  She knows little about my history.  It’s not as if I sit… Continue Reading “Cleaning Up Messes”

Distress Tolerance and Radical Acceptance

I feel it’s time to continue discussing DBT and what it looks like to use the tools that it has to offer.  I’ve discussed the topics of Gnosticism and logical fallacies in an attempt to explore two of the primary road blocks why Christians… Continue Reading “Distress Tolerance and Radical Acceptance”