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Art Can Be Mindful

I’ve written a lot about mindfulness.  I would love to introduce you to an artist who has created some beautiful mandalas.  His art might enhance your own mindfulness practice and environment, too! You can find him and his gorgeous art at Mandela Effect Art.

Mindfulness and Your Thoughts

Here is a powerful idea: Your memories and damaging thoughts are like propaganda.  They are not real.  They are not you. To quote Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning, let’s talk about that. Why is it so hard to get a hold of… Continue Reading “Mindfulness and Your Thoughts”

The Eight-Week Mindfulness Plan

I’ve written about mindfulness before.  Everyone is talking about mindfulness.  It is the cultural buzzword at the moment.  All those coloring books abounding in bookstores and even garage sales? They’re taken from the ancient tradition of the meditation Mandala practiced by Buddhist monks: It sounds… Continue Reading “The Eight-Week Mindfulness Plan”

The Reboot

“Can you burn out a brain?” That was my question to my therapist on Tuesday.  He just leaned back and knowingly stared at me.  Dammit, but why won’t he just give me a straight answer for once?! Have you ever felt like your brain… Continue Reading “The Reboot”